A quick author introduction in just 5 questions.

We love interviewing our talented Associate Members and spreading the word about their novels. Here are our latest Fast Five interviews.

Lisa M. Miller

1. How did you start writing romance?

I started romance stories when I was 15 and haven’t stopped since. When I was a teen I spent nearly 3 years on crutches. Anyway long story short I couldn’t always make it to class so they set me up with a desk in a place in school I could get around. Some lessons the teachers didn’t send me work down or not enough and so I had all this time, so I started writing romance stories.

That’s such a cool story!

2. What is your newest release book?

Our Best Friends Wedding – 31 May 2022 Available here.

3. Do you listen to music when you write? If so, what?

I have 3 writing playlists for writing on Spotify – writing sad – writing positive and one with ‘sexy songs’ ha ha ha.

4. What’s your favourite romance trope?

Billionaire Boss/BDSM/MM/MMF/Workplace Romance I cannot get enough of any of these.

5. How has TIRAA helped you on your journey so far?

TIRAA has helped me so much. So much at this point. The best part though is the community of it all and knowing any questions no matter how silly I think they are someone will be able to offer help or guidance. Also, the write-together sessions. A good chunk of Our Best Friends Wedding and the next book in the series Their Missing Pieces have been written in the writing sessions.

Barbara Kellyn

  1. Which romance novel or author was your gateway into the genre?

I always loved writing and drawing as a kid and dreamed of being an author when I grew up! But it wasn’t until I was 38 years old that I read Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie – and her fast, funny style was like a creative lightning bolt! I immediately realized that I should try my hand at writing a romcom. I was inspired to fulfill my “bucket list” dream of getting a novel published by the time I turned 40.

And I did it.  

That’s an incredible achievement!

2. What is your newest release book?

Forever Endeavor Available here.

Forever Endeavor is a funny, steamy, small-town romance close to my heart. Two seemingly broken people piece themselves back together under the guise of a friends-with-benefits arrangement that opens the door to healing and opens their hearts to love. I love these characters and the quirky setting – Janus Lake, a speck on the map known for its fishing and a bizarre statue of a Roman god in the middle of town – plus the sweet subplot about star-crossed lovers being possibly reunited after 40 years apart. After reading Forever Endeavor, my hope is that readers take away the notion that it’s never too late to live happily ever after.

3. Imagine your book gets picked up by Netflix. Which actor/actresses would you like to see cast in the Netflix adaptation of your book?

From your lips to Netflix’s ears! If I was dream-casting Forever Endeavor, I could totally see a feisty redhead like Isla Fisher or Emma Stone as romance author Billie, and a brooding, mustachioed Chris Evans playing sexy, grumpy mechanic Sonny. Actually, I’d be happy to take any Chris: Evans, Pratt, Pine, or Hemsworth!

4. Does anyone in your family read your books?

Like a superhero, I’ve revealed my true identity only to a small, select circle. But I am lucky to count my adult daughter and my sister-in-law among my trusted beta readers!

5. What romance novel have you most recently read and loved?

So many! I consider myself fortunate to be asked to read and review a number of ARCs monthly, but of course, I read romance/rom-com simply for the fun of it too. Honestly, it’s too hard to pick just one book that I loved, but certainly, my fellow TIRAA members are among my favorite one-click authors.